Thursday, 27 March 2008

Getting Started

So, I thought it might be an idea to blog about my trip to Japan. Not that I would ever have thought about blogging in general, but I thought what I am up to might be of interest to people out there thinking of doing the same.

What am I up to, then? Well, I'm about to head off to do a 10 week Japanese language course in Sapporo. Why Sapporo? I'll probably answer that in a later post. I'm only just getting started with this blogging lark, you see, so I'm not going to do too much at once.

That header at the top of the page? That's Sapporo clock tower, taken on my last trip to Sapporo. And here's another picture I took that trip.

So that's all for now. I may write more interesting stuff later. Or I may give up on the idea. You'll have to wait and see...

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And here's a picture of you taking that picture: